How do you feel right now?

  • Angry as a lion
  • Timid as a mouse
  • Lazy as a cat
  • Happy as a dog
  • Peaceful as a giraffe
  • Cautious as a chameleon
  • Scared as a hedgehog
  • Slow as a sloth
  • Busy as a bee

In Mindful Minis this term we will be focusing on animals and what they can teach us about ourselves.

All children grade R to 7 welcome! In person (cape town) and online classes offered.

Term starts 26 July 2021.

Email me at to book a place for your child.


Workshop in Langa

My heart was warmed this morning (despite the cold weather in Cape Town!) when I facilitated a one day workshop for @siyakhula.langa and @projplaygroundsa in Langa, on how to share mindfulness with children.

The enthusiasm from the participants was contagious as they spoke about how eager they are to share the learnings from the training with the children they work with. The gift of mindfulness is spreading!

It was also wonderful to hear how the participants felt they had learnt so many mindfulness tools they can use in their own lives for self-regulation.

It was a great day all round! If you would like to arrange a one day mindfulness workshop for your school or organisation that works with children, you can email me at

Highlights from a past class

Sitting still like a frog

Sitting still like a frog

This was our theme at Mindful Minis this week. Inspired by the beautiful book by @methodelinesnel.

We explored some of the glorious different types of frogs that can be found in different habitats.

We listened to Eline’s guided meditation where she explains that stopping and observing are things we can learn from a frog. We too became frogs – sitting still with mindful awareness, not reacting, but simply observing.

The kids loved it and it was a wonderful, fun way to help them pay attention to their breath and find stillness within.