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Adult Training

  • Guided visualisation for teenagers
    YouTube Channel


    This one is for you, the parents! And any teenage children that you might have. A guided visualisation that invites you relax and let go by using the beach and the…

  • Mindfulness for children
    YouTube Channel

    The Roller Coaster

    Sometimes life feels out of control like a roller coaster ride and it is a valuable skill to be able to turn to the breath to find our inner calm. I…

  • bubble painting

    Bubble ART

    Bubble painting! So much fun. This is a great mindful art activity. You will need :🌻 A bowl with some dishwashing liquid and water🌻 Add in about 10 drops of food…

  • Breathe with me by Mariam Gates

    Breath with me

    The book “Breathe With Me” by Mariam Gates and Sarah Jane Hinder is a great guide for young children ages 4–8. It helps guide the children through six breathing meditation exercises…