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T-shirts are given to all children in the 4 - 6 and 6 - 8 year old classes. Journals are given to the older children.
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All current fees are available on the website - view them here. All fees are due in advance before the first lesson of the term.

There are no classes on public holidays.

EFT payments can be made to FNB Savings Rondebosch (201509) 62633005576 Ref=Child’s initial and surname e.g. B Browne. No cash deposits into this account please. Cash payments to be given directly to me.


I, the parent of the above listed child,

  • understand that whilst my child attends Mindful Minis, the person in charge will act in Loco Parentis.
  • do not hold Mindful Minis or any member of its staff responsible for any sickness or injury occurring while my child attends Mindful Minis.
  • hereby indemnify Mindful Minis and all its members of staff against any claim for injury or loss sustained by my child and I undertake to pay any medical expenses incurred as a result of such injury.
  • agree that I will settle all fees due to Mindful Minis in advance. I understand and agree that no refunds will be given for unattended classes. Classes cancelled by Mindful Minis (illness, etc.) will be made up. There are no classes on public holidays.
  • agree to give Mindful Minis permission to periodically use photographs or video recordings of my child for educational and promotional purposes, including the Mindful Minis website and Mindful Minis' social media presence. I understand that, as far as possible, no face shots of my child will be taken and that my child will not be identified by name. I understand that no compensation will be extended for such use.
By signing and submitting this indemnity form, I am signing that I understand and accept the above terms and conditions.
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