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Bubble ART

bubble painting

Bubble painting! So much fun. This is a great mindful art activity.

You will need :
🌻 A bowl with some dishwashing liquid and water
🌻 Add in about 10 drops of food colouring. You need quite a bit.
🌻 A straw
🌻 Watercolour paper works best but ordinary paper is also ok

Let the child blow the liquid mixture until there are lots of bubbles. You can chat to them about the breath and how amazing it is to form such beautiful bubbles.

Then either plop the paper on top of the bubbles (you might need to do this a few times) or scoop up the bubbles on to the paper and let them pop on the paper. The latter gives good, strong patterns.

Once the paper is dry, spend some time looking at the patterns to see what you can find. Do you see a cheetah looking to the left in the picture of this post? 🐯



Breath with me

Breathe with me by Mariam Gates

The book “Breathe With Me” by Mariam Gates and Sarah Jane Hinder is a great guide for young children ages 4–8. It helps guide the children through six breathing meditation exercises to promote body awareness, calm anger, allow them to feel stronger in new situations, feel energized in the morning, and to relax at bedtime.

In the below video, the author Mariam Gates shares her book with a group of preschoolers. You may enjoy watching this at home with your young ones to help them connect with their breath.


As everything changes…

As everything changes, I remain at ease.

Ani Trime Lhamo (Tiibetan Buddhist nun)

This much needed affirmation was shared with me recently by one of the participants on the Mindful Minis Advanced Training course.



I would like to share a quote with you that I recently read:

I prefer joy in the present to riches in the future.

Helen Keller

What a wonderful reminder to remain grounded in the present instead of waiting / wishing for the riches of the future.

I have just finished reading her autobiography titled “The Story of My Life”, which is where I came across this quote. What a remarkable woman she was! Despite being blind and deaf from the age of 19 months (after suffering a terrible illness) she graduated cum laude from university with a BA degree.

She was a fiercely determined woman and filled with a huge love for life and all that the present moment offers us.