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Swallowtail Butterfly

“Look past your thoughts, so you may drink the nectar of This Moment.”


This is a swallowtail butterfly that we found as a caterpillar. We have been watching it’s metamorphosis with fascination.

Today it emerged from it’s chrysalis into this incredible butterfly!


Mindfulness colouring in

mindfulness for children

In the last online Foundation Training, participants used objects from nature to create their own mindfulness colouring in pictures.

Everyone traced the outline of their hand and then filled in the outline with patterns that can be found on natural objects.

This is a wonderful exercise for children. Observing the natural patterns to be found in nature can be very grounding and offers the children a chance to practice their focusing skills.

If you would like to learn more about guiding children in mindfulness, the next foundation training starts in Nov. All sessions are online so international participants are welcome!


Imagine your thoughts floating away on a cloud…

I love this idea shared with me by one of the trainees on the current Advanced Training. In her guided meditation, she reassured the children that it is okay if our mind wanders and that we simply need to return to the breath. She suggested to the children to imagine putting the thoughts on a cloud and letting them float away before returning to the breath. I love this analogy and I think this is a great way to help children let go


Story Stones

Story Stones

I am having fun painting more story stones this morning.

Story stones are a great way for children to share their experiences and feelings in a non-threatening way. They can be gently guided with subtle prompts such as “and can you tell me what happened next?” orand can you tell me how that felt?” but essentially the child leads the story and owns it.

I am looking forward to using the new story stones in my Mindful Minis classes when we start the in-person classes again. 🌼🌻