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Filling my mindfulness toolbox

Filling my mindfulness toolbox

This is the theme for the term 3 online Mindful Minis classes. I will help the children to fill their mindfulness toolboxes with practical techniques that can be used in everyday life. Each week the children will learn a new mindfulness technique to add to their toolbox. We will do this in a tangible way by drawing a picture or writing a word on a piece of paper that can physically be added to their “toolbox” at home. This box will then serve as a reminder of all the wonderful tools that mindfulness offers us in everyday life.

The online classes are open to all children in South Africa from Grade R to Grade 5.

Classes take place every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm – 3:45pm on Zoom. Term 3 starts on Wed 15th July and runs until 2 Sep 2020. The cost for the term is R720.

If you would like your child to join, please send an email to


Mindful Minis Online!

Mindful Minis Online

For all current and past Mindful Minis kids… join me online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am for some Mindful Minis Magic!

Please email to book a spot for your child. The cost is R50 per class.

For now, the classes are only open to children that have previously attended Mindful Minis in-person. This is until I get the hang of teaching online!

Once that happens, I will hopefully be able to extend the classes to others. If your child has never done Mindful Minis before, but you would like them to join us online, please send me an email to so that we can stay in contact.

Mindful Minis caters for all children from Grade R – Grade 5.


Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

An 8-week course using mindfulness tools to grow your child’s EQ

NEXT DATES: 8th Apr – 27th May 2020 every Wednesday 3pm to 4pm
VENUE: Mindful Minis Studio, 10 Weltevreden Ave, Rondebosch
FACILITATOR: Bianca Browne

Self-awareness is a critical skill that helps children understand how they are feeling. This skill is not often taught in a school setting, yet it is a vital life skill. All too often children (and adults) react impulsively in uncomfortable and difficult situations because they have a limited understanding of the overwhelming feelings they are experiencing.

In this 8-week course, the focus is on growing your child’s self-awareness skills, by using a variety of mindfulness tools, in order to help your child better understand how they are feeling in any given moment.

This course is aimed at children from Grade R to Grade 5.

Each child attending must be accompanied by one parent. The parent gains invaluable skills during the training to assist the child further outside of the classes. The parent helps to take the learning from the studio environment into the child’s daily life.

Email to book a place.


Mindfulness in Plettenberg Bay

A past trainee from the Mindful Minis Advanced Training program sent me this beautiful picture of a children’s mindfulness workshop that she recently ran in the Plettenberg Bay area. Don’t you just love the zebra in the background. Magical!


Mindfulness in Port Elizabeth

Mindful meditation taking place in a classroom in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

It warmed my heart to receive this photo from a recent trainee on the Mindful Minis Foundation Training after she tried her first mindfulness meditation with her class.

The practice is spreading! Yay!