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Highlights from a past class

Highlights from a past class

Freedom from our web of fears

Freddie The Dream Weaver

Freddie, the old web you are trapped in is simply your fears. We all have fears, so you being and feeling stuck is completely normal. Fears are actually a gift in disguise. We tend to think of them as scary things we do not wish to see, or deal with, but fears are really an opportunity to become free. You see, when you face your fears they cease to exist and that sets you free.

From Freeing Freddie the Dream Weaver by Brent Feinberg

This was the theme for this week’s classes – freedom from our web of fears. The children each drew a picture of a spider in a web and labeled some of their fears. We discussed how sometimes these fears can leave us feeling stuck or trapped. We also spoke about how good it feels when we are able to face our fears; how much lighter and freer we feel!

This class was part of the series we are working through on Living with a Growth Mindset.

Highlights from a past class


Is courage only about being a knight slaying a dragon (I don’t know why the poor dragon always gets slayed!) or can it be something more subtle that is possibly even more important?

This is what we explored in the Mindful Minis classes this past week as part of the series on Living with a Growth Mindset

Highlights from a past class

The things we love

growth mindset

Chameleons, pianos, chocolate, nature, travel…. All the things we love!

This week it was so *GREAT* having the kids back in the studio for classes. We created vision boards of the things that we love, our hopes and dreams.

Highlights from a past class


The lamps are all different but the light is the same.


This week in Mindful Minis we looked at embracing others who seem different to us because, as with the lamps, we all shine the same light / spirit. In African culture, this is known as “Ubuntu“.

And similarly the sanskrit greeting “Namaste” can roughly be translated into “the light in me sees and respects the light in you“. ♥️

Highlights from a past class

Sitting still like a frog

Sitting still like a frog

This was our theme at Mindful Minis this week. Inspired by the beautiful book by @methodelinesnel.

We explored some of the glorious different types of frogs that can be found in different habitats.

We listened to Eline’s guided meditation where she explains that stopping and observing are things we can learn from a frog. We too became frogs – sitting still with mindful awareness, not reacting, but simply observing.

The kids loved it and it was a wonderful, fun way to help them pay attention to their breath and find stillness within.