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Highlights from a past class

Highlights from a past class


Mindful Minis Online

On Monday we continued online the the series “When everything changes, I stay calm.” Through this current world health crisis, we can recite this mantra with our children to help us stay grounded. On Monday, one of the regular Mindful Minis celebrated his 11th birthday so the class took on a celebratory feel! I included a rainbow activity as well as some rainbow breathing. For me, a rainbow signifies hope and at this current time it is important to encourage our children (and ourselves) to remain hopeful.

Highlights from a past class

My Talking Body

Guiding children in mindfulness in cape town

Our body talks to us all the time. Do we take the time to be still and listen to what it is telling us? Doing this can sometimes help us to understand better how we are feelings since our emotions often manifest physically in the body.

At Mindful Minis this week we had fun exploring how certain emotions might feel physically in the body. We played a game guessing which emotion the different coloured bodies might be feeling. Each child then had the opportunity to explore and express where in the body they often feel emotion.

Highlights from a past class

Reflecting Rainbows

reflecting rainbows: guiding children in mindfulness

One light source (sunlight or torch) reflecting off a CD reveals 7 distinct colours.

In Mindful Minis this week, we looked at how our feelings can sometimes be like white light. Just as white light is made up of multiple colours that can’t always be seen, we can sometimes have multiple feelings simultaneously that cant be seen. So, for example, a child might feel nervous and excited at the same time when starting at a new school. Feeling these two somewhat contrasting emotions simultaneously can be confusing and leave the child feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.

In the Mindful Minis classes this week, we discussed how it is completely normal to sometimes feel more than one contrasting emotion at the same time. We discussed instances in which this might occur and the children completed a worksheet depicting different scenarios that they have experienced.

We also discussed ways in which we can distinguish the different feelings by using mindfulness. So for example, simply taking a deep breath. This helps us to sort out the feelings into their own jars as suggested by the wonderful book “The Color Monster“. So that, instead of ending up with brown sludge (which is what happens when a bunch of colours are mixed together!), we are able to reflect the rainbow within and see each feeling / colour for what it is.

Highlights from a past class

The things that help me to feel loved…

Guiding children in mindfulness in Cape Town

This was the topic for the classes this week, in keeping with our theme for the term “Growing our EQ”.

I asked the children to create patchwork hearts, showing by patch size the things that help them to feel loved. Don’t you love how family is the biggest piece in this boy’s heart and kisses from mom is right up there too! So beautiful ❤️

Highlights from a past class


Emotions and icebergs

This week in the Mindful Minis classes we explored how our emotions are sometimes like icebergs.

Icebergs are much bigger than what can be seen from the surface of the water. Most of the iceberg is hidden below the water. This is also how some of our emotions work.

When we have strong feelings such as anger, sadness or worry, there can be other feelings that are hidden underneath. We don’t always know they are there.

So, in the classes this week, we explored what some of the hidden feelings underneath anger might be.