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Highlights from a past class

Highlights from a past class

Smell test time!

Our animal for today was the sloth. Sloths are virtually blind (which contributes to why they are so slow) but they have an amazing sense of smell. So in honour of the sloth, we did a fun smell test in class today.

Highlights from a past class

Bubble painting!

We had so much fun in class with our bubble painting. The children were able to visualize THE BREATH through the bubbles that were blown.

And then they studied their creations to find the hidden secrets. So many animals were found…penguins, sting ray, dolphin, leafy sea dragon and more!

To learn more about creative ways to share mindfulness with children, why not join the next Foundation Training starting online in Oct? You can email me at for more information.


Highlights from a past class

mindfulness bracelets

Today in class the 6 year olds made mindfulness bracelets.

A great way to remind them to take 5 deep breaths when feeling dysregulated. They trace slowly over each bead taking a long, slow breath in and out for each bead.

In mindfulness, our breath is the anchor that keeps us grounded. We can turn to it at anytime but often we forget! A mindfulness bracelet is a great way to remind us.

Highlights from a past class

The pause

Mindfulness is about the pause…

Taking a break from our thoughts and the constant internal chatter. It is about giving our minds and bodies time to rest. This helps us to slow down and find the pause that allows us to consciously respond instead of instinctively reacting to a difficult situation.

Guided visualisations and meditations are ideal for helping children practice taking a pause.