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Highlights from a past class

Highlights from a past class

Planting Sunflowers

planting sunflowers mindfully

Part of the fun at Mindful Minis is getting your hands dirty!

Over the next few weeks the children will be growing sunflowers – the Mindful Minis flower!

Planting seeds is a very sensory experience. We took time to notice how the soil felt, what it looked like, how it smelt (we skipped tasting it!) and we even listened to the sound of the pouring water when we watered the seedlings.

Engaging our senses is a wonderful way to ground ourselves in the present moment.

Highlights from a past class

The Cockroach Theory


In class this week we have been speaking about the difference between a reaction and a response…

There is a beautiful story by Sundar Pichai titled The Cockroach Theory. In the story, a lady and some friends are enjoying themselves at a restaurant when a cockroach flies out of nowhere and lands on the lady. She starts screaming out of fear and starts jumping around trying to get the cockroach off her. She manages to push the cockroach away but… it lands on one of her friends who also starts screaming and jumping about. That lady too tries to get rid of the cockroach and flicks it on a waiter standing nearby. The waiter stands firm, composes himself and observes the behaviour of the cockroach on his shirt. He then grabs the cockroach and flicks it outside.

This story is such a beautiful illustration of the difference between an instinctive reaction and a thoughtful, conscious response. It is not the cockroach (or any uncomfortable /difficult situation) that causes the hysteric response, but the inability of the person to handle the disturbance caused by the cockroach.

Mindfulness is a too that can help us shift from the instinctive reaction to the conscious response.

Thank you @sundarpichai for this beautiful analogy.

Highlights from a past class

Mindfulness colouring-in


This is a mindfulness colouring-in picture that one of my 11 year old students has been working on for over a year!

Each week, before the mindfulness class begins, the children colour-in for 5 – 10min. I find this is a wonderful way to help them shift out of the happenings of the day and into a place of inner stillness.

And an added bonus is how colouring-in for such a short time each week encourages patience and perseverance!


Highlights from a past class

I can’t live without…

growth mindset

As part of our Living with a Growth Mindset series, this week we explored some of the things in our lives that we love and can’t live without. This is my list. What can’t you live without?

A really fun exercise for children to do as part of recognizing the many things in their lives that they are grateful for.