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Change is in the air

Thank you for following the Mindful Minis journey for the past 7 years. It has been wonderful connecting with many of you – as parents whose children have attended classes with me, as well as those who have trained with me.

I hope that we will continue to stay connected as I move into a new space of working with older children and adults.

New channels to connect via:

I will keep this Mindful Minis website going for some time still as there is a wealth of information in the posts and parents can use the teachers network to connect with teachers in their area. But in time, I will say goodbye to Mindful Minis and hope that you will continue the journey with me at Mindfulness Practice ZA.

Hope to see you there!


Effectiveness of mindfulness in schools

The results of the MYRIAD Project (My Resilience in Adolescence) were recently released and there is much to be said about them. MYRIAD was a large scientific study of mindfulness in schools, specifically on the efficacy of scaling up and doing a universal roll out of a mindfulness programme for adolescents.

MYRIAD is the first large scale randomised trial (with more than 28,000 pupils, taught by 650 teachers in 100 different schools) to see whether mindfulness could be easily and cost-effectively scaled up – this time by training teachers who were new to mindfulness and the curriculum. MYRIAD also explored the impact of mindfulness training on teachers’ mental health and wellbeing, and on school climate.

The most significant outcome for me was the important role that the teacher’s personal mindfulness practice plays. In previous studies, where the curriculum was taught by experienced mindfulness teachers with an established practice, the positive outcome on the students was much higher. In the MYRIAD trial, teachers need not have had any interest in mindfulness, were excluded if they had previously recently trained in it and had usually only taught it once at the point of being assessed. The results clearly showed how mindfulness needs to be taught from a place of embodiment for it to be effective. It is not simply a set of slides and a script.

You can read more about MISP’s response to the results here.


mindfulness in schools

Upskilling and investing in ourselves is often overlooked but yet so important! I recently took the step to train to teach the .b programme offered by the Mindfulness in Schools Project (UK). What a great program!

.b (pronounced dot be) is a 10-lesson classroom-based mindfulness curriculum designed for pre-teens and teenagers. The lessons are fun and engaging! Feedback from students who take part in .b is very positive.

I am currently focusing on the Grade 5 and 6 age group. You can read more at here.

If you would like to discuss how the .b curriculum could be delivered in your school, feel free to contact me at

Highlights from a past class

Shadow drawings

We had lots of fun with a torch in class yesterday drawing shadows of puppies. We explored how our minds are like puppies:

  • Easily distracted
  • Bring us things (thoughts) we didn’t ask for
  • Don’t always listen when called

But just like a puppy, our minds (attention) can be trained with patience, kindness and firmness. This is mindfulness.