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Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds

We had so much fun in class today talking about seeds!

The lesson was inspired by Susan Kaiser Greenland’s latest blog “what seeds are you planting?” In her blog she asks the children what will grow if they plant a carrot seed. Will a tomato grow from a carrot seed? How about a watermelon? Maybe sunflowers? Of course not, if we plant seeds from a packet of carrot seeds, carrots will grow!

The same thing applies to the seeds that we plant in our lives. If we plant seeds of confidence, patience, and kindness, those are the qualities that grow. When we plant seeds of doubt, restlessness, and cruelty, those qualities grow instead.

I showed the children a variety of different seeds and we attributed different qualities to each type of seed. The children then decided which qualities they needed more of in their lives. I then guided them in the Planting Seeds guided visualisation so they could imagine them planting these qualities in their hearts.

The Planting Seeds guided visualisation can be found on iTunes at https://music.apple.com/za/album/planting-seeds/1328160089?i=1328160347