Highlights from a past class

Today I am a Mountain

Mountain Pose

Today I am a mountain standing strong and tall.

This week I helped the children to find balance and grounding by imaging themselves as mountains. We stood in mountain pose, gently rocking onto our toes, then heels and then side to side and back to center. When in the center we noticed how far more balanced this position felt.

I asked the children to try not to imagine a picture of a mountain in their heads but instead to actually imagine what it would be like to be a mountain. It is incredible what this shift in visualisation does!

We came up with words to describe mountains. These are also attributes that we can attribute to ourselves when we find our “mountain pose” in life. Very useful when life gets a little crazy:
* Peaceful
* Powerful
* Grounded
* Beautiful View / Perspective
* Magnificent
* Unique
* Interesting
* Solid
* Strong

Another tool to add to our mindfulness toolbox.