Highlights from a past class


This is the focus of the Mindful Minis classes this term. As such, today we prepared some seeds for germination so that we can watch them sprout and grow over the next 8 weeks. Just as we will check in with ourselves each week to see how much our understanding of our feelings and emotions is growing over the course of the term.

We started off this week by discussing what the word “growing” means (in a general sense) .

So, from the mouths of babes, growing means…
🌱 getting taller (one little girl told me she grows 1cm every night!😉)
🌱 getting bigger
🌱 getting smarter
🌱 eating and sleeping enough
🌱 it means changing
🌱 is something that happens slowly and you can’t always see it

We can actually think of the growth our EQ in a similar way…
❤️ As our understanding of how we feel grows, so we feel “bigger and smarter” (more confident and able).
❤️ Just as our bodies need help to grow (in the form of food and sleep), so too does the process of growing our EQ need assistance. E.g. Mindfulness practice
❤️ And growing our understanding of our feelings is something that takes time. In fact, it is a life long process.

So, watch this space to see how our seeds grow and learn more about how to help children grow their EQ.