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This week was a very special lesson as it was the final lesson in our series of Growing Grateful Hearts.

Over the past 6 weeks, the children have decorated stones to represent the different things that they have felt grateful for. Each week had a broad theme to consider and the children were encouraged to find something within that theme to give thanks for.
• My body
• My food
• My community
• Nature
• Gifts of Service from Others
• Today

So, in the lessons this week, we took some time to reflect on the past 6 weeks and all that we have felt grateful for. To do this, I lead the children in an adapted version of the beautiful Pebble Meditation created by Thich Nhat Hahn. Each child lay out their 6 stones in front of them. They first picked up the orange stone, which represented a part of their body that they felt grateful for, and held it in the palm of their hands. Together, we slowly repeated a mantra giving thanks for our bodies. The children then picked up the yellow stone which represented food and recited the mantra associated with food. This was done for all 6 stones.

Below are the mantras we said for all 6 stones.
“Breathing in, I am thankful for my body. Breathing out I feel healthy. Thankful; Healthy.”
“Breathing in, I am thankful for my food. Breathing out I feel nourished. Thankful; Nourished.”
“Breathing in, I am thankful for my community. Breathing out I feel I belong. Thankful; I belong.”
“Breathing in, I am thankful for nature. Breathing out I feel connected. Thankful; Connected.”
“Breathing in, I am thankful for gifts of service from others. Breathing out I feel loved. Thankful; Loved.”
“Breathing in, I am thankful for today. Breathing out I feel alive. Thankful; Alive.”

It was then my turn to show how grateful I am for each child that I share mindfulness with. As a surprise, I had decorated a stone for each of them with their name on. I had also made each child a little bag that they could keep their precious gratefulness stones it. The smiles warmed my heart.

In the older group, we made glitter jars as a fun way to end off the term. What a hit! So much fun and the results were fantastic. All you need is a glass jar, glitter and a little bit of liquid soap. The children are now totally prepared to practise mindfulness at home during the holidays.

It was then time for a guided visualisation. We ended the term with The Magic Mirror track from Mindful Moments for Minis. A nice self-esteem booster to end of the term.

I think the children have responded really well to the theme of Growing Grateful Hearts. A few of them mentioned to me how they feel it has helped them to be more aware. I have ended the term with a big smile. 😊

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