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I first came across the term “acts of service” when reading Dr Gary Chapman’s book “The 5 Love Languages”. Dr Chapman describes in his book how this love language is about showing a person how loved they are by helping them and doing small things for them e.g. cooking them a special meal that they like or washing the dishes for them.

This got me thinking about how different people do stuff for us all the time, every day. Not necessarily to leave us feeling loved, but to help us none the less. To name a few people that helped me today: a petrol attendant, a waitress at a coffee shop, a parking attendant, a call centre agent at my cell phone company and a cashier at the local supermarket. I thought about how I would not have been able to do what I needed to do without the help of these individuals. Or it would have been difficult.

Every day we encounter people that help us. So, this week, I asked the Mindful Minis children to think about the people that help them and do stuff for them. In the younger group, we made a Grateful Sun (idea credit to @blossomandbeeyoga) as a group to show appreciation for all the people that help us. In the older group, each child created their own Grateful Sun in their journals. Such beautiful results!

We also did our usual breath work and guided visualisation. For the breath awareness, I gave each child a pipe and floating ball. We breathed together as a group which was great. The kids absolutely love this breath awareness exercise. A perfect way to encourage a lengthening of the exhale.

So, another lovely Wednesday afternoon and another way to grow grateful hearts.

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