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grateful for our community

mindfulness for children

This week we looked at how we are grateful for our community. I explained to the children that our community can include our family, friends, neighbours, teachers, people who work in our homes, even people we might only see weekly such as the cashier at the local supermarket or the librarian at the local library.

As we passed around the ball of coloured wool to connect the group, we shared the name of someone from our community that we are grateful for. It was lovely to see the names that came up – siblings, parents, friends, helpers in the home to mention a few.

We then moved onto to paint our “Gratefulness Rocks”, writing the name of the person we are grateful for on a stone. The children are loving decorating their gratefulness rocks. A small, colourful collection of stones is growing – something for them to take home at the end of the term to remind them that #gratefulnessrocks!

It was then time to move into a mindful movement sequence. This week I decided to include a few partner-poses in the yoga routine, in keeping with our theme of how we are grateful for the people around us. It worked well and the kids had fun!

It was then time for a guided visualisation. This week I used one that I have written entitled “A Grateful Wish”. Filled with 100-year-old trees, snow-white doves and heartfelt wishes for the people we are grateful for, it fitted in perfectly with our theme. The children also all seemed content and grounded afterwards so I think it resonated well with them.

It was a lovely class about recognising our gratitude for the people we see regularly and who enrich our lives in different ways.

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