Mindful Moments for Minis

One way for a child to practise mindfulness is by listening to guided imagery. This album encourages a child to develop a focused awareness of the present moment, while leaving them feeling calm and grounded.

This album is available for download from most online music stores, including iTunes, Google Play Store, Spotify, Amazon Music and more.

List of tracks on the album:

  1. Fly Eagle Fly: Focuses on having courage & believing in yourself
  2. Planting Seeds: Encourages children to believe in themselves
  3. Beautiful Breathing: Teaches children to connect to their breath
  4. The Worry Basket: Focuses on easing fears & anxiety
  5. The Magic Mirror: Helps to build self-esteem & confidence
  6. Your Invisible Bubble: Teaches children about personal space
  7. Lion: Teaches children about perseverance
  8. The Enchanted River: Helps with letting go of overwhelming feelings

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