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yellow: i am special

Guiding children in mindfulness

Yellow: the colour of sunflowers, daffodils, ducklings, lemons, the sun. For some people, happiness. In yoga, the colour yellow is associated with our solar plexus. This is the area below our sternum, just above our belly button, which consists of a complex network of nerves. The solar plexus is associated with self-belief. It is for this reason that I chose the mantra “I am special” for the classes this week.

It is so important that our children know they are special. It was lovely to hear some of them tell me that there is only one of them in the world – one out of 7.5 billion people! I loved hearing the pride in their voices as they described their uniqueness to me. We discussed a bit about why it is important to believe we are special. We spoke a bit about self-esteem and confidence. And also, how loving ourselves, helps us to love others and the world around us.

In the younger classes we read the book “My Many Coloured Days” by Dr Seuss. A great, fun book for children. In the book, it describes how sometimes we feel yellow when we buzz around with energy like a bumble bee. So, I decided to use this week to teach the children Bumble Bee Breath (bhramari). The comforting resonance of the hum has a wonderful calming effect on the body.

For our mindful movement, we did the warrior sequence, repeating the following mantras with each pose:
• Warrior I – I am bold
• Warrior II – I am brave
• Warrior III – I am special

During our meditation time we listened to the guided visualisation “The Magic Mirror” from the CD Mindful Moment for Minis. It is a great meditation to grow self-belief and confidence in a child.

And as usual, we ended off working on the mosaic boards. They are looking fantastic! Just two more colours to go over the next two weeks until they are complete. Something the children can feel really proud of.

This week I encourage each of you, just as I have done with the children, to say the mantra “I am special” to yourself when you spot something yellow in nature.

I hope you all have a good week.

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