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indigo: i am safe

Guiding children in mindfulness

In carrying on with our theme, “Finding your Rainbow”, we looked at the colour Indigo or Royal Blue. In yoga, the colour indigo is associated with the forehead and represents our intuition or sixth sense as some people like to call it. We spoke a bit in the classes this week about how the little voice inside each of us helps to keep us safe. We spoke about how we should listen to the voice when we feel it is trying to tell us something.

We spoke about how we might find ourselves in a situation that just doesn’t feel right. That a person might also give us a strange feeling that feels uncomfortable. We discussed how, that no matter what the situation is or who the person is (even if we know them), that we must listen to our little voice if we are feeling something isn’t right. We must not be embarrassed or think we are being impolite to say no or that we want to go home. If our little voice or intuition says that something doesn’t feel right, we must listen to it!

We learnt how to do some star breathing by tracing one hand with the index finger of the other hand, breathing in on moving up a finger and breathing out on moving down a finger. We added in the mantra “I am safe” in between each finger. I suggested that the children might like to use this at night before they go to sleep, but that it can be used at any time. Such as before a test or exam; before a performance on stage; before going to a new friend’s house to play for the first time; any situation where the child may feel anxious.

In our mindful movement, we practised Child’s Pose and repeated the mantra “I am safe” to help us let go and relax even further into the pose. We also listened to the track “Your Invisible Bubble” on the Mindful Moments for Minis CD. This track is all about personal space and stresses that it is okay to say no if you don’t want to be hugged.

In our mindful artwork, we continued to add colour to our mosaic boards – this week adding in the colour indigo. So as our mosaic boards start to look more colourful, our affirmations bag is also getting fuller. We now have:
• I am important
• I am safe

I wish you all a safe and happy week.

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