Highlights from a past class

violet: i am important

Guiding children in mindfulness

The theme for the term is Finding your rainbow. Each week we will consider a different colour of the rainbow and ponder how it can help us find the calm and joy within. We are building up a rainbow-coloured bag of positive affirmations to take with us wherever we go!

This week we looked at the colour Violet. In the Middle Ages, the colour violet or purple was reserved for royalty. We connected with the wisdom and power of the purple colour using the affirmation:
I am important. Knowing that we are important and worthy can help us to find the calm and joy within.

We looked at the many wonderful gifts that Mother Nature gives us that are violet or purple in colour.

In our mindful movement, we practised Shark Pose which is a great pose to instil a feeling of competence and powerfulness in a child.

Our mindful artwork for the term is to create colourful mosaic boards. This week we added the colour violet to our boards. Each week we will add a new colour and finally we will have a rainbow of colour!

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