Highlights from a past class

mindful micro minis workshop – week 2

Guiding children in mindfulness

In the second week in the 4 week Mindful Micro Minis workshop we recapped some of the things we learnt last week. We went over breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth using our candle and flower.

We practised new and fun ways to connect with our breath – using a Hoberman Sphere, a Breathing Glitter Wand and Rattle Drums. We also rolled some play dough into spirals and practised blowing a pom pom in and out of the spirals. A lovely way for little ones to become aware of their breath.

We did some yoga for our eyes with a little help from some finger puppet friends. We used the animal poses that we learnt last week in an adaptation of the wonderful story “Bark George” by Jules Feiffer.

We also did a bit of a jumping meditation. It was a super hot day so the kids were not that keen but it was nice to spend a bit of time of the class outdoors.

We had some lovely quiet time in the form of 2 special stories “Each Breath a Smile” and “Giraffes Can’t Dance”, as well as some relaxation time lying down listening to the song “Just Be” by Kira Willey and “The Golden Land” short story from Relax Kids.

“In Mindfulness,
one is not only restful and happy,
but alert and awake.
Meditation is not evasion;
it is a serene encounter with reality.”

~ Thich Nhat Hanh