focused attention from cosmic kids

Guiding children in Mindfulness

The below is a great video clip from Cosmic Kids about “attention”. Jamie mentions the below 7 helpful ways in which a child can practise focusing their attention. Like most things in life, one needs to practise to be able to focus without being distracted easily!

1. Colouring in a picture with lots of detail.
2. Building a lego model.
3. Listen to some music and lift your thumb each time you hear a new instrument.
4. Learn a new song by listening to it and remembering the words.
5. Read a story (or picture story book) and then see how much you can remember about the story without looking back in the book.
6. Draw something in your house e.g. fruit bowl or vase of flowers.
and the most difficult…
7. Sit, close your eyes and breathe in and out slowly 10 times. The hard part is slowly it down.
As your child does the activity, ask them to see whether they can notice when their attention is wandering. And then to bring their attention back to the task at hand. This helps to train their attention to focus.

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