encourage your child to eat mindfully

Guiding children in Mindfulness

This is a simple and easy way to introduce your child to mindfulness. In some of the Mindful Minis classes we have done Mindful Marshmallow Eating exercises (which the kids loved!) but it can be done with any food and at any time.

Begin by asking your child to first observe what the food looks like. Allow them to move it around on their plate (with a fork and spoon if you are opposed to using hands!) to see what the food looks like from all angles. Ask them to notice the colour, shape, texture and size.

Then ask them to notice how the food smells. Perhaps the smell triggers a memory for them. Allow them to take time to explore and enjoy the smell.

And finally ask them to taste the food. Let them take note of whether it is salty, sweet, sour or bitter. Ask them to notice the temperature of the food as well as the texture. Ask them how it feels when they chew the food and the sounds they can hear as they chew.

You can also ask them how they are feeling now that they are finally eating the food e.g. happy, satisfied, content, etc.

Inspire your child to really taste and enjoy their food through mindful eating.

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