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    Filling my mindfulness toolbox

    Filling my mindfulness toolbox

    This is the theme for the term 3 online Mindful Minis classes. I will help the children to fill their mindfulness toolboxes with practical techniques that can be used in everyday life. Each week the children will learn a new mindfulness technique to add to their toolbox. We will do this in a tangible way by drawing a picture or writing a word on a piece of paper that can physically be added to their “toolbox” at home. This box will then serve as a reminder of all the wonderful tools that mindfulness offers us in everyday life.

    The online classes are open to all children in South Africa from Grade R to Grade 5.

    Classes take place every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm – 3:45pm on Zoom. Term 3 starts on Wed 15th July and runs until 2 Sep 2020. The cost for the term is R720.

    If you would like your child to join, please send an email to

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    New guided visualisation available on YouTube: This one is for preschoolers and young children. It uses the idea of a snowman’s body melting into the snow to help the child relax…

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    Lava Lamp Fun

    We had soooooooo much fun in the lesson this week making our own lava lamps to watch during the guided visualisation. Recipe🌻1/3 vinegar🌻2/3 cooking oil🌻 Few drops food colouring🌻 Tsp bicarbonate of soda…

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    The Magic Carpet Ride

    Enjoy the latest guided visualisation uploaded to the Mindful Minis YouTube channel – The Magic Carpet Ride! Please remember to click on the SUBSCRIBE button so that we can get to…