Mindful Minis is a space for children aged 4 – 12 to learn and practise the art of mindfulness.

class times and fees

Date: Thu 27th July 3:45pm
Booking is essential.
For all other ages, please see the schedule for the weekly classes on offer.


upcoming workshops

Our next workshop is currently in brainstorm phase. Join our mailing list (at the bottom of this page) if you would like to be informed of the next workshop.

"The greatest gift we can give our children is the experience of deep quiet. That beautiful place within where calm and contentment are found."

Inspirational Articles

Suggestions and articles to inspire you and your children to live more mindfully

31 May 2017

the hunting game

A lovely, fun mindfulness activity from mrsmindfulness.com… “When I was...

17 May 2017

the power of silence

Silence has a wonderfully calming effect on both body and mind. Carving some...

9 May 2017

make time every morning to reconnect with your child

Don’t forget to reconnect with your child each morning after the separation of the...

24 Apr 2017

experiences that touch the soul

“The subtle joy of just being here … just delighting in the richness of the...